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    Offshore Legal Corporation Advice

    We are specialists in Commercial and Tax Laws, Corporations, Foundations, E-commerce, Real Estate, Bank Accounts, International Outsourcing and Investment Legal Advice. We develop offshore investment, solutions and services, in different reliable jurisdictions around the world specially in Panama.


    Incorporate your Offshore Corporation Now

    First of all, at least you must to know how corporations are different entities separate of your own business your own finance and of course your own duties.  If you don't handle these concepts please access to our book Offshore Business for Beginners in pdf


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    Also knew as International Business Corporations, Offshore Corporations such as Trusts and Private Foundations have been used basically for the same reason identity and assets protection, also well knew for tax minimization purposes, estate planning, etc. (See Advantages). Why do we prefer call them International Business Corporations than Offshore Corporations? because International Business Corporation refers better the fact of running business beyond boundaries, you can conduct business around the world under a favorable tax regime. whether you have been extended your business, you are making expenses to catch overseas customers ,  you are traveling to promote, you are offering your product and services or you are participating in licitation and bidding. Usually in a low tax jurisdiction you are not compelled to pay taxes for foreign incomes.

    For business purposes you are a world citizen there is no need to pay income taxes if you are conducting business in different countries than yours. See comparative graphic.


    One of the keys of the offshore strategy is blending different offshore jurisdiction, for example incorporate a company in Panama and a Bank Account in Belize. Incorporate a company in Costa Rica and a company in Bahamas holds the shares.

    If you need further information, please contact us.

    See as well Panama Corporations


    Cost of Living

    Grocery: in Food we can find different options in Panama, and according the ACODECCO (National Authority of Consumers) . From USD250.00 to 400.00 monthly per person. City. From USD USD250.00 to 400.00 per person. Town

    House or Apartment Rented: In City from USD400.00 apartment, but there are independent student  room from USD150.00. In Town USD250.00 apartment or small houses.  Luxury Apartment from USD1,000.00 up to USD4,000.00 with furniture in City.

    Medical Supplies and Drugs: Drugs and medical supplies such as Wheelchair are relative very cheap, at least less than USS and Europe prices.  If you get an insurance programm you will get good and substancial discount.

    For instance:  Antibiotics  cost are  0.50 cents. Influenza pills  0.50 cents each  , Wheelchair USD 150.00.

    Gas and Transportation: Current prices for Gasoline 95 Octanes USD 3,00 Approximately. Diesel USD2.80 and Taxis basic prices is USD2,00 per zone. We don´t recommend yet Buses, but it is in reformation.

    Private School : Recommend Private schools are from USD100.00 per month. Best Schools in Panama are in USD500.00 up to USD800.00.

    Taxes:  Basicly income taxes and sales taxes afect directly to our customer pocket, income taxes are close to 30% there is table See for natural person the following table:

    With good tax planification or strategies Corporate taxes could be reduced to Zero.

    Entertainment: There are plenty of ecological parks very cheap, family entertainment such as movies, concerts, culture activities, museum. For single person there are activities too depending of your interests. Prices may vary, but are relative cheaper than United States and Europe.

    Spanish Courses: You can find reliable customized spanish courses for you and your family for less than USD100.00 in city and USD75.00 in towns.

    Some said with USD1,000.00 you can live quietly and confort in Panama, of course beside real estate.

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    Offshore Package

    Private Foundation,
    Six Months of Virtual Office and
    Introduction to Open Bank Account and Brokerage Account.

    Only for USD3,000,

    More accesble package in the market.
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    Did you Know?...

    De acuerdo a los expertos, la banca offshore controla

    más de la mitad de la industria bancaria mundialmente.


     Panama Offshore Information

    Panamá es la única jurisdicción reconocida en el mundo que emite acciones al portador y a la misma vez no tiene acuerdos de colaboración impositiva con ningún país.




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