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    Offshore Advantages, Benefits and Usages


    Panama is one of the best most reliable offshore jurisdictions in the world.  It has Strict and Stable Privacy Laws and it is the most important fact to protect your anonymity, in Panama revealing bank information or shareholders information is considered a crime.

    When you constitute an offshore company, with nominee directors and bearer shares you are deleting any track of your identity, that doesn't mean that you will not control the company. If you want more information please ask completely free the Beginner Offshore Manual.

    Tax Minimization

    One of the characteristics to be considered among the top jurisdictions are completely Tax Haven: no foreign source income tax, no capital gains tax, no interest income tax, no inheritance tax, etc.

    Brokers, Accountants, Tax Lawyers, Financial Consultants and CEOs use offshore jurisdiction to minimize taxes, you can save by 30% of your annual profit. 

    Unlike many Panama countries it is a fiscal paradise or tax haven.  There are some characteristics to be considered like tax haven:

    1. The harvesting of income taxes is not the main factor of the fiscal economy of Panama.

    Panama mainly bases its economy on the benefit of services: The Panama Canal, International Banking Centre, Sale of Corporation and Foundations, taxes marine, Colon Free Zone, insurance, container ports, and flagship registry, medical and health, tourism and other business.

    2. Fiscal crimes in Panama do not exist

    Unlike other countries, Panama have no fiscal crimes neither a repressive authority which you must anywhere render accounts to them wherever places in the world you are in.

    3. Foreign Income is not taxable.

    The Panamanian Fiscal Code defines Foreign Income as those derived from the following activities:

    a) Interest, Financial Commissions or other similar captions earned by natural or juridical persons, independently of their place of organization or domicile, coming from loan, money deposit or any other financial operation, carried out with borrowers domiciled outside the national territory, as long as the service rendered and the use of the money are made outside Panama, even though, the capital or interest reimbursement is effected in the country.

    b) Income generated from civil, commercial, industrial or similar activities and from the practice of professions, occupations and any other kind of services rendered, performed or exercised within the territory of the Republic of Panama. When the services rendered implies the performance of work both inside and outside the National territory, only those services rendered within said National territory, shall be considered of Panamanian source, and their amount shall be determined according to the proportion of the man hours worked inside and outside the National territory, or according to some other economic criteria, duly proven and accepted by the Internal Revenue Administration.

    c) Re-invoicing or Re-exporting products that arrives to Ports or Airports in Panama in transit to another destination.

    d) Managing, from an office established in Panama, operation that is formalized complete or ended abroad. Ex: Foreign Stock Market, E-commerce, Forex Investment, Foreign Consults or Translation. 

    4. Less Types of taxes.

    The following taxes are not taxable in Panama:

    • No capital gains tax.

    • No interest income tax

    • No shares sales tax.

    • No tax on issuance of corporate shares.

    • No tax to shareholders.

    • No stock sale or transfer tax.

    • No capital stock tax.

    • No property tax.

    • No estate tax.

    • No gift tax.

    • No stamp tax.

    • No succession tax.

    • No inventory tax.

    • No withholding tax.

    Easy Incorporation Laws

    Incorporate an offshore company takes two business days in less than one week you receive in any place in the world your corporation of foundation with bearer shares. 

    Incorporate an onshore company takes one day, get a valid contributor number (there is no a requirement) takes hours. Get a good standing certification takes hours, Apostille seal takes hours. 

    Register a Foreign IBC takes two business days, change resident agent, directors, dignitaries takes two days.

    You can issue shares in any place of the world, there is no annual meeting requirement.


    Banking Center

    Panama is considered among the biggest international banking center with credibility investment in the world next to Switzerland and Hong Kong, more than 100 banks were licensed in Panama, from more than 20 countries and with assets of about $23bn.

    Unlike countries like Latvia and some Caribbean Islands, Panama has a good reputation among the international community

    Panama offshore jurisdiction has an excellent bank system that permit to make secure transaction.

    You can own a debit or credit card, as well as obtaining borrows or loans to bring home free of taxes your offshore investments. >>>See More

    Good Reputation

    The offshore jurisdiction must to be considered by international community a way to invest and not as a tax evading country, because it is susceptible of to receive international economy sanctions.

    Panama is recognized more than offshore jurisdiction per se as a neat investment environment, the laws of Panama are the most stable within the community offshore their uses goes back from year 1927, is not an accidental jurisdiction, but rather that shows an economy that turns around its geographic position, for that reason enjoys excellent reputation

    Standard & Poor's, Moodys, OCDE qualifications as far as stability in the investments and reputation are very good (double-'B'-plus/Stable/single-'B').

    Meanwhile Panama has the best qualification among offshore jurisdiction for assets protection and estate planning by several reports around the world. 

     For that reasons you can constitute Panama incorporation and Panama's Private Interests Foundation, only for two thousand dollars you protect all you assets and invest to make more money, if you want more information, feel free to contact us.


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    Did you Know?...

    De acuerdo a los expertos, la banca offshore controla

    más de la mitad de la industria bancaria mundialmente.


     Panama Offshore Information

    Panamá es la única jurisdicción reconocida en el mundo que emite acciones al portador y a la misma vez no tiene acuerdos de colaboración impositiva con ningún país.




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