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    Incorporate Offshore in Panama - Offshore Corporations- Legal Solutions-We are specialists in Commercial Laws, Corporations, Foundations, E-commerce, Taxes, Real Estate, Bank Accounts, International Outsourcing and Investment Legal Advice. We develop offshore investment, solutions and services, in different reliable jurisdictions around the world specially in Panama.


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    Offshore Tips

    Monday, January 31st

    According to the latest OECD criteria, Panama is considered a cooperating country for the Exchange of Information. According to most experts this is good since, that Panama each is known as an International Financial Center .Cost of Living in Panama

    Cost of living in Panama has been enhanced since Real Estate Boom, however it is still cheap we will see cost depending of the main services we need.  See hereinbelow Cost for categories. We can give our manual of cost of living free of charge if you pick our Relocation Package. Please Contact Us

    Offshore Outsourcing

    The offshore outsourcing is one of the best way to save money, for instance big companies such as DELL Inc, SPRINT, NEXTEL, AT&T, DIRECT TV, etc, are using offshore outsourcing services and this is not a way to avoid pay taxes, it is a way to minimize expenses. A recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute proved that every dollar spent on a business process outsourced, the U.S. economy get at least $1.12. The biggest part goes to the employer (58 cents).

    There are two ways to conduct it. First is Offshoring your company. It is the relocation of business processes from one country to another. This includes any business process such as production, manufacturing, or services. The other one is using a complete new entity in order to offer outsourcing to many companies as you can.

    Companies such as: LG, Dell Computers, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, People PC, XM Radio, Direct TV, Caterpillar, 24 Fitness, Visa, Citigoup, Toshiba, just to mention few of them; have chosen Panamanian Panama or has place subsidiaries in Panama to save operational costs.

    Another services very popular in outsourcing offshore jurisdiction are data entry, specially for Law Firms. Obviously, is cheaper to contract someone for US$500 than US$1,200. Panama cost of life is very cheap so there is no restriction at all, to hire and pay US$500 or 400 Euros for someone who will do an excellent work.

    Panama has suffer a Boom in the outsourcing offshore services, the growth in this area has been more than 25% in the past three years and still coming. The reason is a convergence of factors, definitely one of them will be the telecommunication framework advantages. Due to Panama geographic position an unusual amount of international connection for internet broadband, multiplexing and submarine optical fiber connection.

    Panama has everything to become in the main offshore outsourcing service in the area. People generally speaks two languages, excellence telecommunication framework, easy laws, political stability, proximity, low cost, anonymity of the owners, Bank Secrecy, cosmopolitan city and technology access make of Panama a place to invest.

    The set up procedure is very easy, call us or e-mail us for further information .

    Cost of operation are very low, we can set up a study depending of your needs. We have already cost for 50 station and 100 stations.


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    Introduction to Open Bank Account and Brokerage Account.

    Only for USD3,000,

    More accesble package in the market.
    Only for Limited time


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    De acuerdo a los expertos, la banca offshore controla

    más de la mitad de la industria bancaria mundialmente.


     Panama Offshore Information

    Panamá es la única jurisdicción reconocida en el mundo que emite acciones al portador y a la misma vez no tiene acuerdos de colaboración impositiva con ningún país.




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