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Incorporate Offshore in Panama - Offshore Corporations- Legal Solutions-

Welcome to the website of Offshore Legal Support Group, INC. We work to suit your needs. We are Solutions.

We specialize in Commercial Law, Corporations, Foundations, Electronic Commerce, Bank Accounts, Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation, Immigration Procedures, Relocation, outsourcing or Outsourcing and International Investment Counsel. We develop the business and offshore investments, especially in jurisdictions in Panama. Corporations, Private Foundations, Real Estate.

Conduct Business in Cuba from Panama. Openings Accounts and Investment Savings and implementation of different types of business. Great Investors diversify and 30% of their investments are offshore. Panama has the best financial center of the region and has always emerged as the hub of investments in Latin America. Invest in Latin America from Panama....


Offshore Business in 2015 New Article

Panama continue its policies to bring investors. Headquarters of multinational companies Law has bring strong companies suchs as Dell, Caterpillar, 3M, among others .

Our law firm specialized giving our customer privacy in Offshore Legal Corporation.

The application of the Treaties Information Exchange will be a challenge for those who are in this business and the authorities. However legal advice will aplly some legal loopholes taking advantage of laws and rules of application of jurisdiction. Please ask for plans and prices

But we have good news , and we invite you to take advantage of our tax incentives and port infrastructure in the most competitive countries . Panama has two major advantages over its competitors . The most important ports in the region and the largest free zone in the region.




Manual Offshore Panama
Offshore Manual English Panama Tax Manual Basics Concepts and Panama Information
Includes the latest laws on Offshore Business    

Business in Panama

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Incorporate Offshore in Panama - Offshore Corporations- Legal Solutions-The business of Offshore investing has changed, Panama has implemented IFRS, Panama has signed treaties to avoid double taxation with most major countries. The FATCA will be implemented in the Panamanian banking sector. The FOREX is regulated now. So now our firm includes tax strategists. The National Securities Commission is now the Securities. Real Estate Businesses are booming, but now dominate the projects within the Republic.

Inform you that our Company hereinafter only offer options in countries with true Offshore financial centers. From date only offer Offshore Solutions in Panama, the U.S. and Hong Kong, for your safety and benefit!


Offshore Accounting and Bookkeeping in Panama.


  • Advice for Financing
  • Advice on Tax
  • Business Plan for Banks and Investment
  • Thumbnail Offers Private Financial Instruments forms
  • Implementation of IFRS for SMEs
  • Tax Advice
  • * Some restrictions apply, requires pre-approval.

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Panama tourism figures and Business Opportunities

There are business opportunities in different areas in this manual will probably explain some of your full interest.

Hospitality and Tourism : The 85 % occupancy and 100% in high season is the main attraction for investing in this sector. Island have also been instituted laws that favor investment in islands and beaches , either high profile investments as small investments. Various tour operators and tour companies are steadily increasing . Come meet , there is no rule preventing a foreign optener licensed as tour operator or travel agent.


Construction: In Panama they have laws that favor investment in middle class developments , since banks and tax incentives favoring investment in this area . Regarding government projects , is an option , however not recommended due to delays in payments from the government .


Special Areas : There are three special areas , excellent for investment. The Colon Free Zone which remains at the forefront of the Latin American market for wholesale and rexportar without paying any tax. You can have your products in this area and do not pay import tax come from anywhere. Also the Panama Pacific Special area being developed , the firm has agreements with both areas and can gladly do a lobby to check the best options.


Business For Sale In Panama due to diversification and boom, there is always business for sale . Our Firm can gladly send options we have, or we can look for options depending on your area . This company offers a list of opportunities in this field. We have for sale a club and in an exclusive area of Panama , through a Panamanian company and we have land and planted year after year , offering these products to the general public .


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